BridgeWMS Advanced Additional Modules

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You need to locate an item that is out of stock in your main Warehouse. Your next step is to check your other Warehouse locations for a movement to complete a Sales Order…

MultiLocation manages the location of an item of stock across multiple bins and locations. Using an automated FIFO approach ensures stock will never sit in a location long enough to go out of date. This alongside multiple quarantine locations will allow complete stock management between bin locations.

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Works Order Manager

You want to identify one order and follow its progress, what is your next step…

Works Order Manager keeps track of all stages of production. Orders are added to the board and monitored by order number, product code and operation stage throughout manufacturing/sales process. A hand-held device scans the item/order and updates the board at each stage of its process.

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Your product is built from multiple parts produced by multiple suppliers, what is your next step…

Traceability tracks all items using a serial/batch number providing the ability to oversee the movements of all items and the option to recall any faulty elements. Traceability also provides an easy to view enquiry table to show all movements of any item at any time.

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You have just picked an order, it’s packed, and ready to be sent. Your next step is to organise the courier…

Courier will transfer the completed sales order from the hand-held device to the server and upload the delivery details to your courier. This is done through a step by step selection process of delivery method and details relevant for the courier. Bridge Courier will decrease lead time and increase customer satisfaction.

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Proof of Delivery

You have dispatched an order and as far as your warehouse is concerned the order is complete, is there a next step?…

Proof of Delivery will keep track of the order when delivered as the order will be signed for on a signatory page to confirm receipt of goods, this information is then sent back to the ERP system. Proof of Delivery will increase traceability and reduce the risk of lost packages.

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Mobile Sales

You’re at a customer site and they place an order, your next step is to create a Sales Order…

Mobile Sales lets you create a new sales order wherever you are and when connected to Wi-Fi or GPRS it can be sent to your system ready for picking authorisation. Link a sales order to an existing account or create a new account from the hand held device with all relevant information. Mobile Sales will decrease lead time and increase efficiency because orders can be placed and processed in the same day.

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Call Manager

You have just received a call from a customer who requires your support, your next step is to log the call…

Call Manager interfaces with CRM helpdesk to provide a platform to collate all the information required to effectively and efficiently manage your customers needs. As the call progresses through your support system, communication to your customer is automated sending out emails to keep them informed. Call Manager will simplify the management of all your outstanding calls and increase customer satisfaction.

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EDI Link

You have just received an order from your online shop, your next step is to create a Sales Order…

Bridge EDI Link automates this process, creating a personalised sales order document ready to be authorised for download to any hand-held device. Within minutes your new orders progress from your website into a package ready for delivery. Bridge EDI will decrease lead time and increase productivity.

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Job Costing

You are preparing to manufacture a product. Your next step is to allocate each element to the job…

Job Costing synchronises multiple tasks required to complete an order by applying job cost codes to each work item. From a hand-held device items can be issued and returned to stock or moved to a different location using a specific job code. Job Costing decreases lead time because manual data entry is not required and increases efficiency because job and cost codes can be saved as defaults for future orders.