Automating GS1 Digital Link-enabled labelling with BarTender


The GS1 Digital Link standard for web-enabled 2D barcodes is creating a revolution in item-level identification. The beauty of GS1 Digital Link is that the data returned to end-user is contextual — it’s a dynamic code that delivers different data to the user, depending on things like the user location, time zone, demographics or a campaign. By scanning one single Digital Link code, a consumer could access a recipe or nutrition information, a retailer could see a calendar for item promotions and store planograms for that item, and a logistics provider could learn the product’s handling information and track its journey through the supply chain.


Digital Link barcodes are well-designed, complex technology. BarTender software makes creating Digital Link-enabled labelling simple. Straightforward.


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Seagull Scientific’s BarTender 2019

The new version of BarTender has been 3 years in the making. Seagull Scientific Engineering team wanted to accomplish 3 main goals with BarTender 2019:

  1. Improve the labelling management capabilities, making BarTender 2019 the best
  2. Enhance existing functionality based on feedback from partners and customers
  3. Introduce new and innovative features based on Seagull Scientific’s 30+ years of experience choice for enterprise customers
Below are some information sheets on the new release, including a presentation with all the more technical features.



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