Labelling with NiceLabel

NiceLabel is a family of professional labelling software that provides for complete bar code and RFID label design and printing solution to desktop, enterprise and mobile users. MJM have selected NiceLabel because they have been providing professional labelling software to various industries for over 15 years. NiceLabel solutions are built on the best technology that supports business-critical operations and enables processes to be implemented quickly and flexibly. The expertise and experience of this time in the market are built into the products, offering you standard-compliance out of the box so you can focus your resources on business decisions.

For a comparative view of the features offered in each of the Labelling packages, please view the Products and Services Brochure below. Alternatively please contact us on 0333 005 0345.

NiceLabel Label Cloud

Label Cloud: The fastest way to digitally transform your labelling

Label Cloud is a cloud-based version of the NiceLabel label management system. It enables you to reap all of the benefits of digitally transforming your labeling, including lower costs, improved quality assurance and a faster time-to-market, without a significant upfront investment. With Label Cloud, you get an ROI in less than 6 months, and a quick, efficient way to scale standardized labeling to your entire organization and external business partners.

Key Features

  • All-in-one platform for all your labeling and marking printers
  • Label designer for business users
  • Document management system with role-based access for quality assurance
  • Web printing system for manual label printing to any printer
  • Integration system for automated label printing from your business systems

Key Benefits

  • ROI in less than 6 months
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Reduced IT and infrastructure costs
  • Reduced Quality Control costs
  • Delivers faster time-to-market

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NiceLabel Design & Print

NiceLabel Design & Print has taken Designer Express and Designer Pro under its wing to create software that helps you design and print labels quickly and efficiently so you can focus on the everyday running of your business.


  • NiceLabel Designer offers a familiar user experience so anyone can quickly design labels without previous experience in barcoding, design or advanced computer skills.
  • Pre-designed label templates can be used, or users can create one from scratch.

Printing the right label template with correct data is critical to the business of any company. NiceLabel ensures that those print operators can experience a simple interface with everything they need and no distractions.


  • The final result is a quick and accurate printing process.


  • Designer Express
  • Designer Pro
  • SMA


NiceLabel Design & Controlled Print

The Design & Controlled Print software is an all-inclusive suite that helps you quickly design dynamic label templates and also optimises the efficiency and of the printing process. By adapting the printing interface to fit the user, printing errors are eliminated.

Design Labels and Applications

  • The products within this category are able to deliver the same easy to use label design experience as the Designer Pro product.
  • Additional to the label design capabilities, the PowerForms licence allows the user to design their own tailor-made printing applications.

Printing Automation

  • By using the Automation modules integration capabilities, businesses can reduce their printing effort significantly and are able to achieve new levels of accuracy and productivity.
  • Features included in the software allow business users to integrate and automate printing from existing systems without any coding involved.


  • PowerForms
  • PowerForms Suite
  • SMA


NiceLabel Managed Design & Controlled Print

The NiceLabel LMS is the next generation and all-inclusive label management system for businesses operating a quality management system. LMS includes everything needed to standardise, centralise and control labelling processes.

Designed for Business Users

  • This next-generation label design software enables users to design and maintain label templates specific to customers and that adhere to regulations.
  • Every NL template is optimised for over 4,200 printer models, in turn reducing the number of label variations.

Document Management System: Control Centre

  • Control Centre is a Document Management System (DMS) that has been built for the needs of labelling.
  • A web application that stores all documents in a centralised database.

Web Printing System: PowerForms Web

  • A web application that allows all manual printing applications to be deployed from a central location to business wide.
  • PowerForms Web module helps central deployment of on-demand labelling applications across all workstations, remote locations and beyond to suppliers, contract manufacturers etc.

Integrated Printing System: Automation

  • Unmatched integration capabilities in the Automation module helps businesses reduce printing effort and achieve new levels of both accuracy and productivity.
  • Features allow integration and automated printing from existing business systems without any coding.


Products & Services data sheet

  • MJM Data Capture is Supplier of:
  • Zebra barcode printers, Zebra card printers, Zebra label solutions
  • Psion Teklogix range of rugged mobile computers and printers
  • Motorola's bar code scanners and scan engines
  • Intermec handheld computers, bar code printers, scanners and RFID tags
  • Datalogic bar code readers, data collection mobile computers, RFID and vision systems
  • Opticon's auto-ID and Data Collection equipment for mobility, postal, logistics, retail solutions, barcode handheld scanners, Windows terminals and smart phones
  • Pegasus accounting and business, Opera Stock Control, Purchase Order Processing and Sales Order Processing
  • Nicelabel complete bar code and RFID label design and printing solution to desktop, enterprise and mobile users
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrated, adaptable business management solution that automates and streamlines business processes