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We all know that the way to keep a customer happy is with good customer service which means listening to their needs and finding ways to meet those needs. However, when it actually comes to implementing a high level of customer care over 70% of businesses fail. So why not think CRM – It’s the seed to grow your business.

Don’t make the process of good customer relations more complicated than it needs to be. Investing in a good CRM software package is a cost effective method to maximize your customer service, your business growth and your profits.

The first and most important step to success is to gather information, store that information, and put it into a usable format. You’d be surprised at how many companies don’t store the usable information that comes across their desks.

You at least want to be able to store your customer’s personal information such as address and telephone number with their purchase transactions. It’s even better if you track queries, answers, repairs, warranty issues if any, and a host of other information.

This information has several uses. Customer services are always of the utmost importance because happy customers come back and they also recommend you to others. And the faster you can provide the customer with the answers the happier they will be.

However, there is so much more that this information can be used for. You can use the data to establish trends and patterns that help you determine the future growth of your business.

You can collect information on:

  1. Point Of Sale
  2. Delivery Information
  3. Buyer Behavior
  4. Buyer Interaction
  5. Demographics

Once you’ve got the information collected you need to do something with it to make it useful data. This is called data mining. There are several things you can use the data for:

  • Compare customer purchases between years Compare company sales between years Analyze a variety of complex variables Determine what are the most popular products or services Analyze trends and patterns Determine products that should be discontinued Evaluate products with the best markup Determine what customers call on the most Resolve any troubled areas.
  • With the right CRM package you can customize data to figure out just about anything you need, in just about any format you want. You can also fine tune the data further to get more accurate results.
  • For example perhaps you want to further explore the delivery channels your company uses, or maybe you need to know how many new contracts you get each month. Perhaps you want to know how many sales originate online, on the phone, and in house. There are so many different types of data available to you with the correct CRM software solutions that you can really get the edge on your competition.
  • Think about what it is you want to know. When you ask good questions you get good answers. And remember when you do nothing, nothing will change so if you want to plant the seed for growth in your business it’s time to think CRM!

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