MJM & Zebra’s Campaign: 6 Steps to Modernising Your Warehouse

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Today’s on-demand economy has trained customers to expect their items be delivered, and sometimes returned, almost as fast as the online order is placed. Along the way, operational challenges like these are sure to arise:

  • Outdated operating systems
  • Workers wasting time using multiple devices
  • Time-consuming cycle counts
  • Lack real-time visibility
  • Backlogged order fulfillment
  • Mistakes that make customers upset

With these challenges in mind, we’ve outlined 6 manageable paths to warehouse modernisation. The question isn’t whether or not e-commerce will intensify; it’s will you be able to keep up?

Upgrade without Disruption:

  • Equip workers with modern mobile technology
  • Get advanced inventory and storage capabilities
  • Upgrade inbound handling operations
  • Improve staff communication and management
  • Streamline order-picking processes
  • Turn around outbound performance

Take the hassle out of warehouse modernisationDownload the 6 steps to establishing a future-ready warehouse brochure.

Take a look at our BridgeWMS Project Process for better Warehouse Management

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