Janam’s XG200 is Equipped with the largest battery in its class, the XG200 offers an unmatched combination of power and performance. With the battery in the handle, the XG200 is incomparably light and balanced in the hand, making it ideal for scan-intensive, extended shift use in demanding environments.


Janam’s XG3 is built to transform operations across manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, plant floors, loading docks and other harsh environments. In environments where productivity is critical for success, organizations demand the most rugged, reliable and purpose-built mobile computers to eliminate the risk of operational downtime.



Janam’s XM5 rugged mobile computer combines the latest technological advancements in mobile devices with a sleek and rugged design to provide the power and flexibility that enterprise and government customers demand. Today’s workforce has become increasingly reliant on mobile technologies to address business challenges, increase productivity, win customer loyalty and gain competitive advantage


Janam’s XT20 Small, light and ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of the hand, Janam’s XT20 is a low cost 4.3” device running Android 7 (Nougat) which delivers all the features that enterprises require to save time and money and boost profitability