BarTender 2021 is Now Available

BarTender 2021 is the new, future-facing version of our comprehensive software for labelling, providing your business with increased label quality, native integration with existing business systems like ERP and WMS, and improved reliability. It features advanced document management, including commercial-level design tools and graphically based approval workflows; fast, secure, web-based printing; high-availability license redundancy options; and enhancements to automation, integration and database capabilities.

BarTender 2021 features powerful new capabilities for today’s complex business needs:

  • Fast, secure internet printing and workflow approval — remote employees, suppliers and partners can access, select and print labels from anywhere, any time, on any device or operating system
  • Increased label QA and accountability with new, visual-interface Workflow Designer providing rapid, intuitive design, approval, tracking and deployment
  • Improved business continuity and disaster recovery — licensing backup server and redundancy to ensure continuous printing operations
  • Native integration with business systems, including leading ERP and WMS systems such as Oracle and SAP — new support for Excel Online, Google Sheets, JSON and QuickBooks Online
  • Commercial-quality label design with new support for the PANTONE Color System, data-sourced colours and colour picker

BarTender 2021 was developed using a new software preview process, allowing them to improve the product based on feedback from users and partners pre-release. They’re excited for you to explore it.

Starter Edition – Key functionality: Reduce label maintenance with Intelligent Templates, Simplify complex printing with configurable data-entry forms, Enhance data accuracy by connecting to files and databases Increase productivity with powerful design tools.




Professional Edition – Key functionality: Create commercial-quality labels in-house, Connect to Excel or CSV files for variable data, Networked solution allows multiple users to manage templates and print, Reduce process errors and waste.




Automation Edition – Key functionality: Increased efficiency with seamless integration to virtually any business system, Tailored integration to your business systems with .NET SDK and API access, Reduce label maintenance with Intelligent Templates, Enable secure printing operations




Enterprise Edition – Key functionality: Web-enabled print and workflow approval process anywhere, anytime, Advanced always-on high availability, Manage, secure and control your entire solution across printing solutions, Enable compliance with most demanding industry regulations




  • If you’re new to BarTender, welcome! Contact us , and we’ll get you set up with the global standard in labelling software. Or, try out the 30-Day Trial of BarTender.
  • If you’re a current BarTender user with an active Maintenance and Support agreement, you can update to BarTender 2021 at no additional cost by downloading BarTender 2021 here.
  • If you’re an existing user whose Maintenance and Support agreement has lapsed, contact us  for help with renewal.

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