Handheld Mobile Computers

Increase efficiency, productivity and customer service levels, inside the four walls or out in the field, with Zebra’s handheld mobile computers.

SB1 Smart Badge

Help your associates better serve customers and nurses and clinical staff improve patient safety and staff productivity.

Zebra TC25

This new rugged smartphone from Zebra has all the right features needed to help you work faster, smarter and more efficiently. Just an example of a few:

  • a “just right” durable design
  • the right service program for the right price
  • guaranteed all day power
  • TC25 Data Sheet


The TC20 includes all of the features that are needed to save time and money, increase your sales, boost profitability in store etc, and stores it all in a handy device. For device specifications and more, visit the data sheet below:


The next generation in the industry leading rugged MC9000 series.


Inventory management for the value-conscious enterprise.


Re-set the bar for productivity in inventory management with the next generation in the class leading.


A revolutionary design that delivers revolutionary productivity gains… one more hour, per worker, per day.

Omni XT15

Tested and developed with customers and partners the Omnii XT15 is uniquely modular by design. It’s the latest product of a commitment to open innovation that combines a single, versatile computing platform with the freedom to adapt for any future change in use. With the Omnii XT15 you can add new technologies quickly and easily with minimal cost or risk, so you can simply configure it to meet any business need.


The MC9190-Z is the best-in-class standard for handheld RFID readers. With its high RF sensitivity that provides for greater accuracy, higher throughput and longer reads, the MC9190-Z reaches further to bring reliable data about your products right to your fingertips.


The MC67 offers every possible function and characteristic required to get a job done; instantly access the wealth of information in your business systems to increase task efficiency and accuracy.


One of the smallest and lightest rugged EDA, the MC55 packs the power of a cell phone, two-way radio, bar code scanner, digital camera and handheld computer.