Honeywell ScanPal EDA50

This enterprise hybrid device (EHD) delivers an exceptional end user experience for mobile workers needing to obtain visibility into business-critical information. It has been designed to handle use all day, everyday with real time results.


Honeywell ScanPal EDA50hc

The ScanPal EDA50hc is also available, designed for healthcare applications which require reliable access to communication and information. This device can be cleaned to support a high level of patient safety protection in demanding environments.

dolphin 60s


Specifically built to facilitate quick, reliable and secure access to business data. This multi-purpose device will deliver consistently high levels of customer service.



A stylish and reliable mobile computer that provides advanced data collection and real-time wireless communication for in-premise applications, including price lookup/audits, inventory management, customer assistance and merchandising.

Dolphin CT50


For enterprises that require anywhere, anytime real-time connectivity to business-critical applications and data capture capabilities to maximize efficiency and serve customers more effectively, the Dolphin CT50 is Honeywell’s most advanced enterprise-ready 4G/LTE mobile computer.