Frontier Foods

Case Studies

Traceability software helped Frontier Foods

The Company:

Frontier Foods Ltd is a dry ambient food manufacturer.

The Need:

Frontier Foods needed to be able to provide complete traceability for their product, from the raw material that arrived to the finished product that left the company.

  • They needed to be able to trace the ingredients at all stages of the process.
  • If a faulty product is used, legislation states that four hours is the maximum time allowed to recall these products.
  • They needed to be able to barcode their ingredients and the finished product with batch details.
  • Each batch sold needed to be able to be traced to a customer and then where the ingredients came from.
  • The Traceability software needed to be able to interfaces with Sage 200 to get the order details.

The Solution:

A solution was provided which allowed Frontier Foods to trace all of the ingredients throughout the processes that take place during production.

  • MJM’s Traceability software allowed them to track the ingredients throughout the manufacturing process from the initial receipt to the finished product.
  • Frontier Foods are now able to recall faulty products within four hours.
  • A Bar-coding solution was also provided, which assisted them with being able to trace their products.
  • Each ingredient now has a bar-code applied as it comes off of the conveyor belt.
  • They are now able to easily tell which customers receive which batch of products.
  • The mobile devices used were Datalogic Skorpio’s that were connected to a wireless network which allowed real-time scanning and updates.
“We were able to go to MJM with our problem and a solution was found using their traceability software”

Paul Chapman, Supply Chain Director – Frontier Foods