An indispensible facility for Credenhill

The Company:

Credenhill is the leading specialist distributor of compression hosiery and complimentary equipment, supplying hospitals and pharmacies across the UK with products to suit the needs of every patient.

The Need:

Credenhill needed to find a solution to their time-consuming and inaccurate stock-taking routine.

  • They required a system which would reduce the overtime costs involved in their quarterly stock-takes.
  • Regular amendments following discrepancies were a feature of the stock-take which needed addressing.
  • The amount of downtime required to complete a stock-take needed to be reduced.

The Solution:

The Bridge was installed with hand-held devices which led to a dramatic improvement in all areas of stock-taking.

  • An immediate saving of resources was seen in the amount of time taken and the cost involved for a stock-take.
  • Accuracy was greatly improved because data is now collected without discrepancies.
  • Opticon PHL8112 hand-held devices were installed which complimented the Bridge system and lead to a greatly improved ROI.
  • Some bespoke software was developed which alerts the operator of the hand-held device when there is a difference in the counted stock level to that in the Opera stock level.
“The Bridge with the hand-held devices is an indispensible and user-friendly system. It is absolutely fabulous and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Gwenda Gray – Operations Manager