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Who are we?

MJM Data Capture are specialists in Mobile Computing, Data Capture and Warehouse Management. Combining our customisable software with the highest quality hardware and using barcodes as a language, we are providing the most cost effective and work efficient package for better Warehouse Management. Established in 1982, we have continuously pushed the boundaries to develop our solution and expand our product range, maintaining a leading edge in technology for data collection and management.

What do we do?

We operate within Healthcare, Education and Commerce, providing systems for Stock Control, Warehouse Management, Work in Progress, Time and Activity Recording and Batch Traceability. Our Barcoding System will put you in control of your stock, transform efficiency and profitability and improve customer service. The ROI is also proven to be very positive, with time and cost savings consistently being made in all sectors.


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Bridge Batch

Our ‘out of the box’ version is ideal for all companies who wish to improve the operations of their SOP, POP and STK.

Bridge WMS

Our customisable version with optional modules will provide an extensive Warehouse Management Solution.


Skorpio X3


Data Capture Devices

We will recommend the best equipment to meet your needs and we supply easy-to-use devices that increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Data Printing Devices

We will match the printer to your requirement from the broad range of printers available.


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Installation and Training

Our objective is to provide you with an effective installation experience and an extensive training service. From planning to implementation, we will assist you in every way.


We pride ourselves in being efficient and accessible which enables us to support your every need.


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Our Key Team Members

  • Colin (Managing Director)
    With over 30 years experience in the industry, Colin’s aim is to drive Product Development, Sales & Marketing and Infrastructure and build on MJM’s foundations to expand the product portfolio in Software,  Hardware & Services.
  • Paul (Technical Director)
    With many years experience developing Portable Data Capture Solutions, Paul drives forward the technical development of the software making Warehouse Management ideals a reality.